Microsoft Dynamics AX

Managing complex ERP environments to reduce costs while improving business and IT operations


Since 1997, customers have relied on OneNeckĀ® IT Solutions for their strategic, tactical and operational business and IT initiatives. Our track record in Dynamics AX management translates into meaningful benefits for you. With significant resources as well as depth of experience, OneNeck can reduce the concerns you may have regarding the future of your IT investments, systems support, updates and migration paths.

OneNeck helps customers host, manage and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics AX environments. We work tirelessly to help our clients leverage their application to improve business processes, reduce costs and provide better information and insights to support management decision-making.

With unmatched expertise, proven experience and excellent customer references, we're well qualified to manage your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment through:

  • Complete end-to-end hosted and cloud managed services for Dynamics AX environments.
  • Knowledge and experience in hosting and managing some of the largest Dynamics AX environments.
  • Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) certified resources that are capable of performance tuning large Dynamics AX and SQL environments, including those with customized third-party code.
  • Expertise necessary to integrate third party specialty applications with Dynamics AX hosted and cloud managed services.

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I consider the collaborative nature of the relationship between A-dec and OneNeck IT Solutions to be an excellent model for the type of partnership needed with key providers. Together, we are able to proactively identify opportunities, as well as respond quickly and constructively to issues that may arise, providing industry leading service levels to our end users.

Yolanda Green, Director of Information Services, A-dec