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Most businesses today need to focus their resources on managing customers, their supply chain, distribution channels and other core assets. Time spent managing enterprise applications is time away from the things that really matter. That's why so many dynamic businesses trust OneNeck® IT Solutions to manage their enterprise application infrastructure. OneNeck provides comprehensive management of enterprise application environments for thousands of users on six continents — from application administration for ERP systems to IT infrastructure services.

Our customers appreciate the single point of accountability we provide for their environments. So, regardless of the application on which your system is powered, OneNeck provides customized, high quality remote application management and we stand behind everything we do.

Customers benefit from higher quality services, improved efficiency and overall better performance of their applications because our application, database and infrastructure administration teams are located together within our facilities. And unlike independent or home-based consultants, OneNeck's experienced technicians work collaboratively in an environment optimized to make use of each of the experts within our company. More importantly, these benefits translate into lower costs and zero headaches.

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Mountain Park Health Center has been in partnership with OneNeck for the last six years. Their expertise in all facets of the Information Technology field has been invaluable. Without them making sure that the Information Technology Infrastructure of our organization was solid, serving our 55,000 active patients would be a daunting task.

Rachel Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, Mountain Park Health Center

Managed Services News

OneNeck IT Solutions selected by City of Minneapolis as new IT partner - 03/12/15

With the initial 5-year contract, OneNeck will become the city’s managed network, data center and managed security service provider.