JD Edwards

Managing complex enterprise resource planning environments to reduce costs and improve operations


Businesses may be founded on ideas, but they run on data.

With more data than ever at our fingertips about customers, supply chain, the competition, manufacturing and other business processes, it's critical to have the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place. For many midsize businesses, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers the power, security and functionality they need at an affordable price.

However, challenges often arise in the implementation and management of an enterprise system. That's where OneNeck® IT Solutions comes in.

Supporting superior solutions

OneNeck helps customers host, manage, upgrade and maintain JD Edwards applications. We help ensure these applications improve business processes, reduce costs and provide support for better management decision-making.

With unmatched expertise, proven experience and excellent customer references, we're well qualified to manage your JD Edwards environment.

In fact, OneNeck offers:

  • One of the top independent JD Edwards hosting and application management firms in North America
  • Extensive AS/400 experience
  • Hard to find CNC resources

ERP Application Management News

OneNeck® IT Solutions to present at COLLABORATE 15 - 04/13/15