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Delivering resources, applications and servers when and where you need them.

Businesses today need to be agile, flexible and responsive. Can you quickly scale up to service new customers and markets? Can you adopt new technologies rapidly to take advantage of the efficiencies they offer?

Cloud hosting enables you to move from working within your own IT bubble to using the cloud to quickly and efficiently access technologies you need, when you need them, at the scale you require. Cloud computing offers you creative ways to address how you employ IT, which in turn frees you to focus on what matters most—your core business.

Bringing clarity to complexity

Cloud hosting is creating a wealth of opportunities for businesses. But in order to properly leverage the cloud, it has to fit into your overall IT strategy. To successfully use cloud computing, you must be able to identify areas for IT efficiency and tie investments directly to a business case with a return on investment proposition.

While the term "Cloud Computing" sounds simple, it actually comes in many shapes and sizes. Trying to grasp what the cloud represents and how it can benefit your organization can be challenging.

Like every business decision, the move to cloud hosting comes with associated benefits and costs. Although the technology is still relatively new and the options may seem somewhat overwhelming, a little information goes a long way in sorting it out and can help you understand the applications and benefits of the cloud.

Tailoring services to leverage the cloud

If you're thinking of moving to the cloud, OneNeck® IT Solutions can help you by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your current IT environment and requirements. We make recommendations on the type of cloud to use and the services to best fit your situation.

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We chose OneNeck due to their capability to manage a highly available, server infrastructure, along with their expert disaster recovery practice. With our rapid growth, we feel secure that the service OneNeck provides will allow us to keep growing and expanding without the worry of our IT environment not being able to keep up.

Michael Klingseis, Director of IT - Technical Services, Sprouts

Cloud & Hosting Solutions News

Cisco adds more than 30 new Intercloud partners, including OneNeck® IT Solutions - 09/29/14

Cisco today announced more than 30 new Cisco Intercloud partners, including OneNeck® IT Solutions, are joining their initiative to expand the scope of the Intercloud.