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OneNeck IT Solutions Bend Oregon Data CenterThe OneNeck data center "The Vault" in Bend, Oregon, was built to meet your most stringent compliance audit qualifications. Whether you have a single local office or locations across the globe, this Uptime Institute certified Tier III compliant data center provides reliable and secure data storage options. From collocation to cloud storage solutions, trust your critical corporate assets to the experts at OneNeck


Our goal is to achieve long-term partnerships with our customers and create peace of mind. For this reason we offer customizable solutions that can grow and evolve with your business. 

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Specifications: OneNeck Data Center in Bend

Location 20845 Sockeye Place, Bend, Oregon
Year Built 2010
Size 30,000 square feet
 Tier  Tier III compliant, certified design and build
Building Access
Customer access 24/7
Loading Area
Two heated loading docks
Utility Pacific Power
Utility Feeds
2500 kVA utility transformer
Critical Load
750 kW
Generators Two 1.2 mW
UPS N+1 
Data Center
Service Types
Cabinets and pods
Fire Detection
VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
Fire Suppression
Dry pipe and gas
HVAC Kyoto Cooling N+1
Carrier neutral facility 
Carriers BendBroadband/TDS Telecom, CenturyLink, Integra, Level 3, Quantum Communications, Zayo
Entrance Facilities
Dual entrance to telecommunications room
Internet Bandwidth
Managed bandwidth with BGP routing across redundant backbone connections with multiple Tier 1 carriers
Access Control Two-factor authentication: Biometric fingerprint and badge
Surveillance System Recorded and monitored digital video at 20+ points
Security Officers Patrol facility 24/7


Our data center in Bend was designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible. It’s LEED Gold certified and one of only seven colocation facilities in the nation to have earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy efficiency. It’s equipped with a rooftop solar array, passive cooling system, and a flywheel-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This facility is truly a green data center.

Solar Power This data center’s 624 solar cells are capable of generating 152kW of power. On a sunny day, they can account for more than 16% of our total power usage.
Passive Cooling At this facility, we’ve deployed passive cooling systems by KyotoCooling. The Kyoto wheel, or cooling wheel, transfers heat from the data center to the outside air without contaminating the air supply. The system provides free cooling 75% of the time, drastically reducing cooling costs.
Flywheel UPS Most data centers use a battery-based UPS. At this data center, we use a flywheel UPS system that stores energy kinetically. The flywheels spin at a constant 7,000 RPM. When the power cuts out, they provide power until the backup generators can kick in. Flywheels don’t need to be replaced and are completely non-toxic.
Smart Lighting
Our smart lighting system automatically adjusts brightness levels to take advantage of daylight. Motion sensors also automatically shut off the lights when they aren’t needed. This helped us obtain LEED Gold certification at this facility in Bend.
Cool Racks
We worked with Chatsworth Products, Inc. to design custom Performance-Optimized Data Center (POD) containers that use natural convection to aid in cooling. That means we use less energy to cool equipment, period.
Extreme Efficiency
This data center operates with an overall Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) as low as 1.1. PUE measures how much of the electricity that goes into a data center is used by computing equipment. It’s a ratio of the total amount of power used to the power delivered to the servers. Here, almost all of our power is used for servers. St. Charles Health Systems has reduced its colocation power costs by 30 percent after moving into our facility. They estimate a return on investment of $7.1 million over a five year period.


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Northwest Community Credit Union chooses OneNeck® IT Solutions as new IT partner - 09/30/15

To meet regulatory requirements, achieve geographic diversity, and secure disaster recovery and colocation services, the Oregon-based Credit Union contracts with OneNeck for space in nearby data center.